Concept future:the iPhone of 2020?

Designer Josselin Zaïgouche, who created the Zero Phone we’ve shown you half an year ago has now sent us an incredible design, the Apple Black Hole concept, possibly the iPhone of the year 2020. “What’s going to happen in 10 years” asks the designer and the answer should look something like this

As you can see, the Apple Black Hole comprises 4 components: the charging base, the Prism, the Black Hole and the giftbox. Things get interesting when you try to use the handset… its central ball will levitate when you open your hand and all functions will be controlled in mid-air, with the aid of holographic technology. How cool is that?

The Black Hole concept phone can be connected to the charging base and used as a desktop device, still projecting the needed interface. Brilliant? Yes! Viable? Maybe…
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Napkin PC

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Concept Phone the Eye

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Cyrene Quiamco is a name we’ve heard related to concept phones before and now we’ve just found out that the designer created a pretty interesting device, dubbed the Eye Phone. Originally, Cyrene wanted the product to be a pair of glasses, but eventually it turned out to be a see-through handset.

Fresh vegetables? Concept future

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The innovative plant perf concept aims to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers which eliminate using chemicals that are harmful for health. The plants are get attached with the device right after being cut from the field to get the nutrients from the perf. The body of the device is made from corn starch plastic and features three main parts, the main body, bottle top and nutritious liquid. The long top end of the bottle remains locked when the farmer collects it and during harvesting, the farmer cuts the fruits and insert the stem inside the bottle and locks it by pulling the top upward. Not only fruits, it can also be used to keep flowers fresh for longer period of time according to the user’s need.

Mercedes F-cell Hydrogen Powered Car

Mercedes F-CELL is a concept Hydrogen-powered buggy roadster which is able to attract anyone’s attraction by adding a fibreglass body, joystick control and hydrogen-electric fuel-cell power unit. The car is supposed to contain all the technologies that the top-shelved Mercedes cars have. It boasts a fiberglass and carbon fiber body structure, a compact fuel cell of 1.2kW is being used for power generation and the top speed of this car is 25 km/h. The car remains away from the traditional steering wheel rather it is using a joystick control for driving. The silly, big spoked bicycle wheels are another attraction of this car.

Concept Folding Bike

On the hills you can use this as an easy to carry backpack wherein in the valleys it is a multi-purpose vehicle that aids you to roam around here and there without an obstruction.

The wheels are having orange enhancements in black background match very well with the backpack portion. Two black handles provide the user with a firm and comfortable grip. This is a portable device that is adored by most of the mountaineers.

Concept Interactive Cellar Wine

Wine Interactive Cellar is an interactive device composed of a wine cellar and a shelf. The interactive multi-touch shelf allows to capture the wine, but also to share about events with a dedicated service. Give a visual dimension to all the little subtleties of a wine that you could forget to make us travel. Between dream and reality, plant a few vines in their House. The service offered by WIC is dedicated to wine, but also offers the possibility for the user to use it for other services. A desire to have a service and therefore adaptable cross around the habitat and tableware. WIC is also a mobile service that allows the user to take his wine cellar with it. Portability which bypasses the walls of our home, allowing to share and enrich it.

Stylish MP3 Player

It’s quite apparent that all ladies will have a soft corner for the Accessories MP3 Player. Honestly, how many MP3 players can be as subtle and discreet as this! Fashion statement, jewelry, bling…you name it, and it’s there! I adore the little loop earring that goes into the ear as headphones, now only if Cartier or Tiffany can get a whiff of this…

Exoskeleton the farmers

RoboCop and Iron Man can dodge bullets and crush villains, a new powered suit from Japan promises its elderly users more modest powers, such as pulling up radishes without getting a backache.

Unlike its heavily armed Hollywood counterparts, the Power Assist Suit aims to make life easier for Japan’s army of greying farmers.

The metal-and-plastic exoskeleton boasts eight electric motors that amplify the strength of the wearer’s arms and legs, as well as sensors that can detect movements and respond to commands through a voice-recognition system.

Vertical parking system

Take your car to play in the parking lot. Meanwhile it can go power supplied and you can go greener. All this works using only solar energy. Parking vertically is the best way to increase the number of vacancies in a parking lot. The relationship is 3 cars to 1. This means that where formerly 1 car parked horizontally, now permit 3 cars vertically. Just be careful not to leave your things loose inside. The rear of the engine is covered with photovoltaic panels which give total autonomy of operation and enough power to supply electric cars.In this area there is also a space for advertisement.

Solar lawn lamp

Had enough of planting fake crops in Farmville, but not quite ready to go totally Martha Stewart in your garden? Well designer “Sexin” has created “THE RIPE RADISH” just for you. This solar lawn lamp serves many a purpose. First, it’s a solar powered lawn lamp that is white during the day as it collects solar power-ups, then at night it glows red to light your way…cute! Second, it’s a house for your soon to be born radish buddies…still cute! And lastly, it’s a neat way to play the new Super 3D Mario Garden! (No Batteries Required. Yoshi and Daisy not included)

Future of Media Tech: Multi-Touch AtracBar

With the atracBar you can transform your conventional counter, bar top or information desk into an astonishing interactive surface that will react to the objects laid on it. The multi-touch surface offers an infinite number of tools and possibilities. For each presented item, insert multimedia content like comments, audio and video files. Let your customers – or your salespersons – access all necessary product information with natural finger movements.

Solar City Tower – future architecture

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games set a new standard for sustainable buildings, with several receiving LEED certification and the 2012 London games are poised to eclipse that mark. The 2016 summer games in Rio, seeking to be the first zero-carbon footprint games, may go even further in the green race based on this entry from Swiss architects RAFAA Architecture and Design.

Future in 2020

In the future nearly every visible thing will be cataloged and indexed, ready to be instantly identified and described to us. Want to go shopping? In the future we won’t need big retail stores with aisles of objects on display. We’ll be able to shop out in the world (see image, above). Do you like that new car you saw drive by? Or those cool shoes on the woman sitting across the room? All you’ll have to do is look at it and your mobile handset or AR-equipped eyeglasses will identify the object and look up the best price and retailer.

Future computers concept

This computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible.Designer: Hiromi Kiriki

Future music player 2020

Projecting a music player for the year 2020, designer José Ignacio Martínez has developed a portable music player concept for Apple dubbed the “iPod Shuffle2020” that packs unlimited music and battery capacity. Sending the user’s music in his iTunes account through G3 Internet to the inner receptor of the Shuffle, the device is updated automatically every time the user turns it on, as it always remains in sync with the music the user has in his/her computer. The battery also reacts to the G3 waves automatically and remains juiced up all the time.

Kitchen of the future

With the Technology evolving with better and better surfacing every damn day, it is time to upgrade our with some of the goodness from the world of thingamajigs. We are talking about Team Synergy’s Quism interactive cooking platform which lets you cook and dine almost anywhere. This is one intuitive and interactive system which renders the facility to cook and dine with the family using features such as tele-cooking, tele-dining and even sharing of recipes. This implies that you may be physically away from your family but you can still cook and dine with them. What is more is that this cook-top uses a dehumidifier that helps generate its own water reservoir. I see great use of this product in those amazing recreation which are so often used for permanent living and traveling.

technology gadgets

Cellphone concept designed to be powered by solar energy

The 3D Mobile Phone is the brainchild of industrial designer Petr Kubik, who wants to add a bit of sustainability to your endless chatters with renewable solar energy. The concept features an expandable touchscreen display that slides out to better the experience of the user.

A layer of photovoltaic cells has been included on the back of each slide panel to juice up the device from renewable energy. The user can control application icons in 3D environment using an interactive stylus and 3D glasses that are placed at the re

ar of the phone.

Health care technology – Vitals Monitoring System

The designer, Dan Bishop, found a solution for crowded hospitals with lack of medical staff. The Vital Monitoring System allows the medical staff to remotely view the vital signs of the patient under their care without having to be in the same location. The device helps the doctors care for more patients than normal. This amazing device is easy to carry around as it can be strapped on the wrist of the patient, and it is designed to check the body temperature, the pulse rate and the blood pressure. The data is transferred wirelessly to a digital chart for later review and access.

Portable computer in India

Yogesh Kumar Baghel’s MITRA PC is a cylinder-shaped portable computer. It was designed for rural areas in India in order to spread the importance of education, health and other social issues for the development of the country.

The term “mitra” means “friend,” and the MITRA PC is also an eco-friendly gadget that uses solar energy to store and use in case of emergency. The MITRA PC contains a built-in LED projector for convenient presentation, as well as a hand crank charging facility to generate power (rotating the crank 30 times provides 30 minutes of use).

NaviQ is your digital city guide

There are many ways to attain information but people are still lost. There are different problems from language barriers to culteral patterns. There is a lack of information available to locals, and especially to tourists. What if all the necessary information one required could be obtained from a single digital source, where common questions such as “Where is the closest taxi stand?”, “Where is the nearest public restroom?” or “Where should I go to eat?” could easily be answered, quickly and efficiently.

Innovation in Sports Technology – Digital referee

It only takes a stinky fish to dirty the entire pond, and this year FIFA has 2 fishes tainting their image. To rub salt over our wounds Sepp Blatter apologizes but still says FIFA has reservations over incorporating technology into the sport. I have only two words for him: England and Mexico! Even a money-spinning sport like cricket has adopted the third umpire into the game, because we are only HUMANS! FIFA too needs a “Referee Third Eye”.

Mobile Technology Merged with Body Art

Frog Design gave free reign to its imagination and came up with Datoos (DNA tatoos) as a futuristic answer.

"The concept of the Dattoo arose in response to current trends towards increasing connectivity and technology as self-expression. To realize a state of constant, seamless connectivity and computability required the convergence of technology and self. The body would need to literally become the interface. Computers and communication devices require physical space, surfaces, and energy. The idea of DNA tattoos (Dattoos) is to use the body itself as hardware and interaction platform, through the use of minimally-invasive, recyclable materials."

This may sound rather outlandish, but will we see body-technologies emerge sometime in the future?After all, the description of a mobile phone would have sounded implausible in the not-too-distant past.

News on your wrist

Check out Vodafone's interactive feature looking at how technology could alter our lives in the future.

Among the devices that the company predicts is an interactive screen display worn on the wrist in place of a watch -- incorporating a flexible color screen," says Steve Outing. "The wrist device will serve as an access point to the Internet (Web, e-mail, instant messaging, online mapping, etc), personal organizer/datebook, and so on. In this version of the future, imagine headline alerts coming to your wrist in the form of short video reports (as well as simple text and/or multimedia slide-show formats). The wrist band will work via Bluetooth connection to an access device you carry with you in a purse or pocket, which communicates with the outside world much in the same way as your cell phone does now."

Wallmount Washing Machine

Washing Machine’s go wallmount now! Electrolux has designed a wall-mount, portable washing machine. It will definitely save space, it uses steam instead of water and is extremely energy efficient. The equivalent of one load will use only 1/5 of how much your regular washing machine at home would use.

The Future of Train Transportation

Public transport may allow sustainable commutation but passengers have to compromise with comfort and privacy while traveling by a bus or a train. Developed by Russian designer Vitaly Kamyshev, the “Bombardier” is a personal coach compartment that not only allows privacy but also adds luxury to the public transport. Accommodating one person in utmost comfort, the individual compartment includes an armchair, computer panel with TV and multimedia center, place for your bag and wardrobe with drying function. The touch sensitive panel on the table lets you watch TV, listen to the music or surf internet with the touch of a finger. You can use USB-card if you want to open your file or save any information while working on the touchscreen computer. Though the cabin just measures one meter in length, but you can regulate the slope of the chair back to work or stretch your body in comfort.

Solar powered charger. World’s first leaf-shaped PV.

Apple-shaped charger powered by renewable solar energy.

Greendix and Sonelis previously launched the world’s first leaf-shaped solar panel,
which was followed by the world’s first solar-powered football
Now the two companies have launched the world’s first solar-powered “energy apple” tree,
which utilizes the leaf-shaped panels to harness solar energy.

Ecological Mobile Phone

Using today’s modern gadgets need not to be harmful to the environment. If you are just keen enough in finding for an eco-friendly yet modern gadgets, then you will most likely be able to help save the earth even if you are together with the rest of the crowd in using today’s modern gadgets like mobile phones, iPad, iPhone, and the like.